The whole theme throughout the advert and ultimately the Foxy Bingo Show is fun; this shows in the advert and the host of the Foxy Bingo Show. The new Foxy Bingo advert starts with the theme from 2001 A Space Odyssey. The actual music was composed by Strauss and is Thus Spake Zarathustra, Part I (2001 Theme) Op. 30.

The Foxy Bingo music however gets a little more “funky” when Foxy alights from the spaceship to dance with the ladies waiting for him. He struts his funky stuff to a song by Lipps Inc released in 1980 called Funky Town. This music follows on from the previous dance classic and is very apt.

Whilst many other online bingo sites plump for the classic lift music Foxy Bingo has gained a reputation as being a little more “trendy”. Although the Foxy Bingo music in both ads appeals to the largest demographic in online bingo, middle aged women, the music choice allows for all ages in the choice of well known disco songs.

With Rowland Rivron fronting the Foxy Bingo Show and “funky” music in the latest bingo advert this online bingo site is most certainly going to see an influx of new players from all ages, sexes and classes.

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